Stage Requirements

Usually, we require an 8 by 5 meter stage with access to regular power outlets. An acoustic upright or grand piano is definitely a big plus, but not a requirement. If the space is tight, we will use a digital piano. We do not have any specific requirements regarding stage design, but in our experience, visually, it is a good idea to prepare 20-30 cm podiums for trumpets and trombones. We will bring branded band stands. If we are playing with a vocalist or instrumental soloist, we will need appropriate microphones placed at the front of the stage. We normally require enough stage lighting to be able to read our sheet music, but if need be, we can also bring sheet music lamps for our band stands.

The sound system should be appropriate for the size of the venue. This includes stage monitors. When playing at smaller/private events, we can bring our own small sound system if agreed upon in advance.

When playing at larger venues, we will need to perform a sound check at most three hours before the beginning of the concert.

The price of a concert, as specified in the relevant contract, does not include costs related to sound system, stage, and lighting unless specifically agreed upon.